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Teaching Kids to Be Green


As you already know, kids learn by example, and that definitely applies to being earth-friendly. By showing your kids that taking care of the earth is important to you, and participating in the following activities with them, you will instill in them a sense of responsibility for the environment. Here are a few great ways to teach your kids to be green:

Teach Water Conservation Early

With kids, the simplest approach is often best. When teaching your toddlers how to brush their teeth and wash their hands, you can also teach them to shut the water off except when they’re using it for rinsing. You can also challenge older kids to take shorter showers and make a game out of it. Explain that water is precious and shouldn’t be wasted, and they will grow up with a conservation mindset.

Show Them How to Recycle

Make recycling fun for kids by showing them what the recycling symbols on the bottoms of plastic tubs, glass bottles, and other items mean. Have them look for the symbols and help place recyclables into the correct bin. You can also learn more about recycling together as a family, by visiting your local recycling center and reading fun recycling facts out loud.

Create a Compost Bin

Starting a compost bin if a fun family activity that shows kids how to turn certain types of waste into rich soil they can use to grow veggies and flowers. You can place a mini compost bin in the kitchen somewhere low enough for kids to reach it. Then encourage them to leave things like banana and orange peels there instead of throwing them in the trash.

Teach Them to Save Electricity

Just like with conserving water, you can teach your children to save electricity starting when they’re really young. Explain that leaving lights, the television, gaming systems, and other devices on when they’re not in use is wasteful. Encourage them to turn off their own lights, TV, etc., when they leave their bedroom in the morning. With very small children, you can make a big deal of opening the curtains and blinds to let natural light into the home in the morning, explaining that electric lights aren’t needed all the time.

Raising eco-conscious kids isn’t that hard if you make being green a part of your family’s daily life. The more your kids get into the habit of being green when they’re little, the more natural it will be for them to continue being eco-friendly when they’re older.

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