What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is the environmental attributes a megawatt hour (mWh) of green power injected into the grid. Fluent Utilities has partnered with Green Alberta Energy to provide Alberta based customers with a reliable and cost effective REC solution. When green power generators inject green power into the grid, they have the rights to sell their certificates. The certificates purchased by Green Alberta Energy are Ecologo certified by UL which provides certification oversight covering a broad range of environmentally friendly products. When buying green power certificates there is an audit guaranteed provided, asserting that green power is being exported onto the grid to help offset the conventional power you use. This is done by investing in the purchase of and retiring enough RECs to offset your electricity consumption.“Green Alberta Energy” is proud to be EcoLogo certified by UL1 REC = 1 MWh of green, renewable energy when paired with the equivalent amount of electricity. Using RECs to offset your electricity use from conventional resources guarantees that the volume purchased has been placed onto the power grid. Biomass RECs are purchased by Green Alberta Energy from: Whitecourt Power Limited Partnership, Whitecourt Alberta. Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation, Port Mellon BC.

What sources for Renewable Energy are Available?

The number of PV Solar Micro Generating producers in Alberta has increased 10 times over the last 5 years. Today there is over 1265 MG of Photo Voltaic Solar Units Installed

Growth in wind generation facilities doubled in the last 5 years. Today there is over 1,434 MW of Wind Maximum Capacity. Wind represents over 9% of Alberta’s total generation.

Alberta hydro electric facilities represent 5.5% of the Market Capacity of installed generation.
Currently, there is 894 MW of potential generation in Alberta with zero additional capacity added over the last decade.

In Alberta, there is a Market Capacity of 428 MW of renewable energy available that can be produced from Biomass and other eco-friendly resources. This represents 2.5% of the generation capacity in the province. It is an important renewable resource and an affordable resource we can harness.

How much you could be Saving!

% Green

Frequently Asked Questions?

How will the cost of Green Energy be calculated?
You are in control. Simply let us know the percentage (%) of your monthly consumption that you want to green.
Each month we will apply this percentage to your actual billed consumption (kWh multiplied by the percentage you want to green).
The cost per kWh of green energy is 1.66 cents per kWh.
How much should I green?
Green what you can afford, anywhere from 1 to 100%
On the grid in Alberta today, approximately 70% is produced by Coal Generators.
Only green what you are comfortable with and can afford. Use the calculator to estimate the cost.
How much will it cost?
As an example, if an average residential consumer uses 600 kWh per month and greens 25% of the of his monthly consumption, it would cost about 8 cents per day.
This program is 100% voluntary. If you can afford more, you can increase the percentage – even less is ok, too.
Every bit helps green the grid.