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5 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer


As the temperatures start to rise outside, it’s the perfect time to get a plan in place for reducing your summer energy costs and usage. It is possible to use less energy in the summer without sacrificing comfort. Here are five ideas:

Have Your Air Conditioner Inspected and Maintenanced

An important way to save energy at home is to have your air conditioner professionally inspected and maintenanced once a year. The HVAC company will change your filters, clean your AC components, and check for areas of damage or inefficiency. This will help ensure your air conditioner works as effectively as possible all summer, without wasting energy, and will also lengthen the overall lifespan of your air conditioner.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are easy to use and can make your home more efficient and convenient. You can program your thermostat to automatically use less (or no) air conditioning when you’re away at work or at night when temperatures are cooler. The thermostat can then turn your AC back on an hour or so before you come home so you return to a comfortable home without wasting unneeded air conditioning and energy all day. Many programmable thermostats can be managed remotely from an app on your phone, and can even be integrated with other smart home technology such as automated lighting.

Add Weather Stripping

Air conditioning escapes from around the sides and underneath doors and windows if they’re not properly weather-stripped. Even if you already have weather stripping, it can wear out over time and become much less effective. Luckily, weather stripping is affordable and easy to replace. You can buy your own weather stripping and cut it to the proper length at any major hardware or home improvement store. There are many tutorials online (like this one) that show you how to handle this easy DIY project.

Line Dry Clothes

Summer is the perfect time to line dry your clothes. Dryers use a ton of energy, and when the weather is nice outside it makes sense to let nature do the work instead of your dryer. As an added bonus, your clothes will smell fresh and amazing from being dried in the sun.

Plant Trees

If you’ve been thinking about adding some beautiful landscaping, this is the time. Adding trees and shrubbery to your property can help provide shade and keep things cool naturally. Plus, planting more trees will help boost your curb appeal and home value.

By making your home and habits more energy-efficient this summer, you will help the environment and save money at the same time.

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