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Keeping your home comfortable and warm in the winter can lead to undesirably high electric bills. Luckily, there are specific things you can do this winter to use less energy. This will not only lead to more manageable utility payments, but will also make you feel great knowing that you and your family are being more environmentally friendly. Here are four ways to use less energy in the winter:

Take Advantage of Sunshine

On sunny days, simply take advantage of the free energy and warmth provided by the sun. Open the blinds and curtains on any south-facing windows in order to let all that sunlight in to warm your home, and be sure to turn down the heat a bit when you do so. As it starts to get dark outside, close the curtains again to keep the captured warmth inside.

Turn Down the Temperature

No, we’re not suggesting that you live with an uncomfortably cold house. But many people forget to turn the heat down when they leave for the day or when they go to sleep. Buying a programmable or smart thermostat will make this task very simple and easy to remember, and your energy bills will reflect the change.

Don’t Forget Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for use in the summer. Simply switch your ceiling fans to rotate in a clockwise direction during the cold winter months. This pushes warm air that’s risen to the ceiling back down and keeps it there, helping to keep your house toasty without using a ton of energy.

Add Weatherstripping

It’s normal for weatherstripping around doors and windows to get worn out over time, and most people don’t even notice. The problem is that cracks and holes in weatherstripping, or areas where it has stripped away entirely, allow cold air to sneak inside. The more cold air that sneaks in, the more you have to crank the heat at home. Luckily, weatherstripping can be purchased quite affordably at most home improvement stores, and then cut to fit your doors and windows.
These simple steps will lower your energy consumption and costs all winter.

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